Learning to make small games is hard; so is showing them off.

Minicade | 2014-2015

Game Jams are events in which small teams of individuals create tiny games over a short period of time. Unfortunately, it can be hard for newcomers to make their first game; it can also be difficult to showcase the final output of the event.

Minicade attempts to solve these problems by allowing anyone to use their Web-based tool of choice to create their game and add it to a “playlist” of mini-games that can be played as one giant game. Additionally, it consists of the Minigame Maker, which is a mobile-friendly way to create such games using a simple block-based visual programming language, and subsequently “level up” by examining the generated HTML5 source code of their game and tinkering with it.

Minicade was designed in collaboration with Chloe Varelidi. Development of the Minigame Maker was made possible through an artist residency at Eyebeam.

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